Our Team

Torin Block, Chief Executive Officer

Torin Block has 13 years of experience in the development and analysis of dietary questionnaires. He is responsible for the development of the NutritionQuest Data-on-Demand system, including the electronic questionnaires, analysis algorithms, and data management systems. Mr. Block also led the technical development of the Alive! program.

Gladys Block, Senior Scientist

Dr. Gladys Block, Ph.D, Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins, is professor emerita of Public Health Nutrition and Epidemiology at the University of California, Berkeley. She provides expertise and leadership in the development and analysis of NutritionQuest's dietary and physical activity instruments.

Clifford H. Block, President and Chief Behavioral Scientist

Dr. Clifford Block, Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology, Yale, has been the architect of many large-scale programs in health social marketing, education, and the application of new technologies. He directs NutritionQuest's innovations in education and health behavior change, such as our emailed dietary intervention program.