Alive! (A Lifestyle Intervention Via Email) is a personal wellness coaching program. It’s designed just for you, based on what you tell us about your lifestyle and preferences. You set achievable small-step goals, we’ll send you friendly email tips and reminders to stay on track. Unlike other web programs, it’s proven to work.

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Change is hard. Alive! makes it easy.

Motivating, empowering and evidence-based, Alive! makes change effortless and fun. You’ll improve your health habits every week. Small steps add up to big results!

How healthy are your habits?

Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Do you consume too much fat or sugar? Are you active enough? Take the Alive! assessment and get instant feedback.

Proven Effective in scientific studies

No online program has our scientific pedigree. Alive! is based on discoveries by world renowned Dr. Gladys Block, our founder.