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Some of our Population Data Analysis projects have reported:

  • Analyses of breakfast cereal consumption for an industry leader
  • Analyses of children's fruit/vegetable intake for an industry leader
  • Analyses of prune, mushroom intake for industry/board councils, breakfast cereal consumption for an industry leader
  • Analyses of nutrient intake among food stamp participants, for government
  • Analyses of exposure assessment, for regulation enforcement, for government

Population Data Analysis

We conduct analyses of data from large national surveys, to develop tailored questionnaires for researchers, and to provide health information for government and industry.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

NHANES is a large representative national survey containing health and nutrition data. It provides a wealth of data on numerous aspects of health, including physical examinations, blood components, and dietary data. We provide analysis of all aspects of the NHANES survey.

Tailored Questionnaires

Because of the large sample size, diversity and representativeness of the NHANES data, it is possible to use the survey to develop questionnaires that are uniquely appropriate for particular research needs.

We use NHANES to develop and update our dietary questionnaires and nutrient databases. We also use NHANES to work with investigators to identify the specific foods that may be most relevant for the particular demographic group they plan to study. The following illustrate the kinds of tailored questionnaires we have developed for investigators studying specific demographic subgroups:

Government Health Agency Analyses

We provide analyses describing the eating habits of Americans. Analyses conducted for government agencies have addressed the following research questions:

Food Industry Analyses

Several food industry giants have used our services, to provide up-to-date analyses of dietary and nutritional factors. We have provided analyses for food industry groups to:

Other descriptive and analytic research

The NHANES surveys provide an unprecedented opportunity to examine dietary and nutritional relationships, describe the population's food and nutrient intake, and develop the most appropriate questionnaires.

National Data

Researchers often ask how the average energy intake in their population compares with national estimates. As a service to researchers, we have provided estimates using NHANES III and CSFII, a dataset containing multiple days of intake data for each individual. View Caloric Intake Charts.