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"The takeaway message here, for people who want to improve their diet and physical activity, and for employers who want a healthier workforce, is that e-mail intervention programs are a very cost-effective way to get healthy."

Barbara Sternfeld, PhD, Softpedia, "Email Intervention at the Workplace Increases Employees' Health," May 19, 2009

Alive! Group Plans

Alive!, A Lifestyle Intervention via Email, is an email-delivered program focused on improving physical activity, increasing fruit and vegetable intake, and reducing intake of saturated fats, trans fats, and added sugars—all factors that are proven to be related to heart disease, blood pressure, stress, and some cancers.

Alive! helps participants take more control of their own wellness quickly and easily.


Why Alive! for Groups?

  • Alive! is an evidence-based program. It was proven to be effective in a large, randomized controlled trial.
  • Reach any number of participants inexpensively
  • Turn-key system is designed for large groups
  • Requires minimal administrative support, time, or expertise

How Alive! works.…

Get Alive! for your group.

  1. Ask about program licensing and pricing.

    Alive! is available to groups under a licensing agreement based on the number of potential participants to whom it is offered. We will work with you to meet your needs and resources. Contact us for more information.

  2. Review enrollment information and send participant invitations.

    Participants are more likely to respond to individual email invitations. We'll send you the enrollment materials along with an invitation email that can be forwarded to potential participants. Also available are brochures and a customized enrollment and assessment URL for your group.

  3. Invitees complete dietary and physical activity questionnaires.

    Once you send the email invitation, recipients complete a dietary and physical activity assessment to receive instant feedback on their current nutritional and activity level—regardless of whether or not they choose to enroll in Alive!. Those choosing to enroll simply enter their email address, and NutritionQuest takes care of the rest.

  1. First you complete an online questionnaire to assess your current physical activity level and typical diet. This takes around 10-15 minutes.

  2. You are immediately provided with detailed feedback about your current diet and physical activity. If you decide to participate in the program, you can easily sign up by providing your name and email address. This information is kept confidential.

  3. After you sign up, you will complete a brief questionnaire about your lifestyle. This information will help tailor the program particular to your individual lifestyle.

  4. You are now ready to decide which Big Goal you would like to concentrate on for the next 12 weeks. Perhaps you discovered that you are not getting enough exercise? Or you are eating too much saturated fat and sugar. Or perhaps you ought to be eating more fruits and vegetables each day? You can choose which big goal you would like to work on first.

  5. Each week you will receive a messages in your email box where we will suggest several small-step goals you could work on in the coming week. For example, "For lunch, I will add a salad on at least 2 days". These small-step goals are designed just for you, base on the responses you provided to the diet, activity and lifestyle questionnaires. Each small-step goal will move you closer to your Big Goal. We also address barriers that may arise, and suggest tips with your lifestyle in mind.

  6. In the course of the week, we will send you an email reminder about your small step goal for the week.

  7. Every week you will keep track of your progress for each small-step goal you set and make a new small-step goal for the coming week. Along the way, Alive! will provide you with tips for achieving the small changes you have set goals for.

  8. Your Progress Tracker will record all the small-step goals you have accomplished.

  9. Every week, Alive! will provide new Health Notes about important health research related to your Big Goal. Research has found that being informed is an empowering and motivating tool for change.

  10. Your Health Note Library stores all the Health Notes you have received each week and is always available for your review.

  11. The "What If..." Simulator tool is an interactive program inside Alive that allows you to understand the impact that small changes can have to your overall diet and activity levels.

  12. When you have completed the 12 weeks, you may then decide to pursue a new Big Goal.